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“Hangeround with you” is a hearty gift to surprising your beloved one"


When my sister searching Thank You gifts to her wedding helpers, she found that personalized hangers are popular in western countries. We were inspired from it and decided to bring this idea to Hong Kong as we believe that Hong Kong people would love it too. To give a better design, we choose to use wood of our hanger material instead of wire which is traditional been used to produce hanger.


Wood is a costly material which is difficult to manage. Each piece of wood needs an experienced craftsman to do the cutting, coloring and coating etc. Find an craftsman to handmade a hanger is a difficult task too. Finally, we spent over 6 months to develop our first two hangers and launched our products successfully in 2012.

Designer’s Concept

We design with details. Two crossing hangers formed a heart shape logo on gift box cover to express the “missing you” message implicitly with a personalized hearty gift inside to surprise your beloved one. Not only the wire is less pretty or luxury enough to make a hanger, we choose to use wood instead of wire to display craftsmanship to our “Hangeround with you” hanger.

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